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CrossFit Roux is a CrossFit facility, it is not a Globo-Gym.

All CrossFit Roux trainers are CrossFit Level 1 Certified to provide the most current and highest quality training, nutrition, and fitness programs.

Our program is comprised of Olympic weightlifting, power lifting, kettle bells and basic gymnastics type movements…we don’t do machines, gimmicks, or things you may have seen on infomercials.

You may be curious as to why our fees are higher than your average gym. Most gyms simply charge an “access fee” for the usage of equipment.

At CrossFit Roux, we program your workouts for you, provide first class coaching and instruction in every class you attend, offer nutritional and programming advice and guide you through scaling and developments in your workouts.

Our program is more than a simple exercise program. We are dedicated to helping you achieve optimal health, well-being and fitness. Our program is hard work, but yields results.

When you chose to join CrossFit Roux, you are taking the first step in improving your quality of life. Membership is a commitment to yourself and your level of commitment will determine your success in our program. If you are up for a challenge, you can become a part of something unlike anything you have been a part of before.

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    Beginner’s Program

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Latest WOD

CrossFit Roux – WOD Warm-up 400 m Run 15 PVC Pass Throughs 15 PVC Body Wraps 15 Cossacks 20 Arm circles forward 20 arm circles backwards 20 arm swings back and forth 20 arm swings up and down Gymnastics Metcon (No Measure) 5 Round Circuit 5 Strict Pull-ups (Scale up with Weight) 5 Strict Ring
CrossFit Roux – WOD Warm-up Metcon (No Measure) Tabata 1: 4 Rounds – :20 work /:10 rest Jump Squats 4 Rounds – :20 work /:10 rest Push-ups 1:00 rest Tabata 2: 4 Rounds – :20 work / :10 rest KB Swings 4 Rounds – :20 work / :10 rest KB Thrusters (1 KB, Hold in
CrossFit Roux – WOD Warm-up 200 m Run 10 m High Knees 10 m Butt Kicks 10 m High Kicks 10 m Round House kicks 10 m lunge w/ twist 10 m inchworms Weightlifting Strength & Conditioning A (AMRAP – Reps) 3 Rounds: 2min of Thrusters (115/75) (RX+ 135/85) 2min of Burpees 2min of RestAs
CrossFit Roux – WOD Warm-up Metcon Saturday Partner Chipper A (Time) Partner Chipper: one partner working at a time, while the other partner holds a plank. Work can only be done while one partner is holding the plank. 140 Air Squats 120 Plate ground to overhead 45/25, 100 Deadlifts (100% of bodyweight/ 75% of bodyweight)
CrossFit Roux – WOD Warm-up 20 Jumping Jacks 200m Run 20 Banded Good Mornings 20 Banded Side Steps in each Direction 20 Push-ups Arm Circles Forward and Backs Arm Swings (Side to side and up/down) Roll out Back (Arms Crossed & Above the head) Metcon Roux Sexy Summer 2.0 (Time) 5 RFT 400m Run 15
CrossFit Roux – WOD Warm-up 400m Jog (say it like Ron Burgundy would) 3 Rounds 10 No Push-up Burpees 10 Kips 10 PVC Pass Through Lunges then 400m Jog Metcon Metcon (Time) 6 Rounds 10 Pull-ups 5 Hand-Stand Push-ups Rest 1:00 between Rounds RX+ = 5 Muscle-ups 5 Hand-Stand Push-upsTime Includes the Rest Metcon (No

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